Android App Tracks Perth Speed Cameras

Android: Earlier this week, we highlighted sites listing speed cameras in Australia. For Android users in Western Australia, turns out there's a free app highlighting the Perth cameras, complete with the ability to track if mobile cameras are in nearby locations. [Speed Cameras Perth]


    This is the second article about speed cameras but no mention of Trapster. It's multi platform and community based info. I read a couple of comments this app had and some feature requests are standard parts of Trapster.

      how about an app that lets you know when cop cars are nearby, to help plan robberies?

    We have enough problems on the roads without encouraging increased idiocy.

    nice app - i never have any trouble with my speeding because there is always someone in the right-hand lane doing 10km/hr under the speed limit and not keeping left.

    To all those who are complaining that this will encourage speeding: cops have been publishing speed camera locations on their website since day dot. What's the difference?
    In fact, it's proven that this actually encourages drivers to slow down because they now know where all the cameras and speed trap locations are instead of speeding in the hope of not getting pinged.

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