• How to Teach Your Teenager to Drive

    How to Teach Your Teenager to Drive

    Teaching a teenager to drive has never been easy. While it can be (or you want it to be) a fun and exciting rite of passage, it can also be stressful and panic-inducing for both of you. But even in a pandemic, the roads are open and teens are on them. So if it’s time…

  • Beware Of Phone-Detecting Cameras This Double Demerits Season

    Motorists take note: Double Demerits are now active in select states and territories across Australia, which makes it a lot easier to lose your licence. Drivers in NSW will also need to be extra mindful of phone-detecting camera this year, which are now in operation across the state. Here’s what you need to know.

  • How To Check For Speed Cameras In Google Maps

    Google Maps has expanded its traffic features in Australia. The app will now display the speed limit for roads you’re currently on, as well as the location of various key pieces of traffic information — including mobile speed trackers and traffic cameras. Here’s how to access the new features.