Avoid Traffic Fines With Speed Camera Maps

Avoid Traffic Fines With Speed Camera Maps

Sick of getting hit with speeding fines? Check out online maps for major speed camera locations and you’ll know when it pays to put on the brakes.

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As blogger Jack Cola points out, there are online maps identifying the location of speed cameras and red light cameras for most states of Australia. The frequency with which the documents are updated varies, and not every state has reliable data in where mobile speed cameras may be, but any data helps when you’re planning a trip. These are the key sites (there doesn’t seem to be an official list for Tasmania):

Hit Jack’s post for a detailed discussion of the pros and cons of each state and territory listing.

Here Are The Locations Of Speed Cameras In Australia [Jack Cola]

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    • How does your “Don’t do anything wrong and you won’t get fined” mantra fit with me getting a parking fine at Boronia Shopping Centre a few weeks ago. I stayed for 1hr 40 mins in a 2 hour parking area, yet the council told me when I disputed it that the parking guy finished marking all the tyres at at particular time, over half an hour before I left home. And they believe him, not me. I know what time I arrived and left there, because I was only there to see a movie in the cinema. And speed cameras are always right too? Wasn’t there something here in Melbourne recently about several cameras timing out and fines will have to be refunded .

    • In Victoria, I wish more people would not tailgate me while I’m doing 100-105 down a reasonably empty freeway.
      There’s an entire lane free for you, to go around me with, yet you choose to hang not 3m off the back of me.


  • How about not speeding and not being a selfish asshole who puts other people’s lives at risk instead.

    Speeding assholes kill people, encouraging them with shit like this is reprehensible, pray it’s not a member of YOUR family they take out when they can’t stop in time.

    • People who can’t drive properly kill people. That can mean driving faster than is reasonable for the current conditions. However the speed limits are not necessarily a good indication of what a reasonable speed for the road and conditions are. Sometimes a reasonable speed is lower than the speed limit. Sometimes it’s higher.

      • Many people think the same thing but it’s just not true. Driving twice as fast makes the stopping distance 4 TIMES as long. Even if you have ninja reactions, speeding increases the danger a lot.
        What is really dangerous is that this fact it not intuitive. Think: confident driver speeding thinking “I have good skills I’m fine” when a truck drops its load up ahead. Driver hits the brakes immediately, but the car is not slowing down as much as expected. Driver realises that (s)he isn’t going to stop in time. Then BAM.
        This happened to more than one person I know. Lets just say these people weren’t A greade physics students.

        True that the safe speed depends on conditions, but they can’t be out changing the speed signs constantly, and people driving in sync are safer.

        • The fact that people driving in sync are safe is really the only good argument.

          Because while yes, the faster your drive the longer your stopping distance, that is true for any speed. So 40kph is safer than 50. 30 is safer than 40. 20 is safer than 30. But we don’t drive at 20kph usually because we understand there’s a compromise that needs to be made. The only question is what speed we compromise on, and is it right that speed is dictated by a single speed for an area which is not dependent on road conditions. The major reason we accept this type of fixed speed limit is because we acknowledge it’s easier for the police to enforce, and not because of any inherent “rightness” to it.

          But when you get the police setting up speed cameras just after the sign that indicates a speed limit drop, or at the bottom of a hill, my willingness to go along with what makes it easy for the police disappears.

          • I know roads in Australia where it is near impossible to get to the speed limit because the road is so dangerous. In fact, someone I know did the speed limit on this road and wrapped the car around the pole

            I know roads that have a speed limit (100km) on a straight stretch of road and then an advised speed limit of 80km because the road has so many huge pot holes.

            And then there are roads that have a that are too slow for what they should be, and people doing the speed limit are over taken.

            I live near a school zone, 70km road reduced down to 40. The fact is, I’ve never seen a child in the area. And as if they are going to cross 6 lanes of traffic. The side closer to the school, yeah, that should be 40, but not the other side. Plus, because locals see no kids, and there are rarely police there, you have some cars doing 40, others doing 60.

            Plus, “doing the speed limit” can be dangerous too as you are too busy looking down at your speedometer to ensure you aren’t speeding than you are focusing on your surroundings. Doing 5km over and aware of your surroundings is much better than doing the speed limit, ensuring you don’t go over it and have a scarce idea of what’s around.

      • Justify it to yourself all you like – doesn’t make it any more legal.

        Right or wrong, it’s illegal. Given the number of occasions speeding fines are challenged and won in court, it’s obvious that if you do the wrong thing, you will get caught.

        Hopefully by a camera or a police officer who gives you a fine, not by the family of the person you killed by being an asshole.

        • Of course we know speeding is illegal.

          But the intersection between “illegal” and “immoral” isn’t as large as the government and police try to claim it is.

  • Or you could just not speed. I get pretty annoyed by these things. You don’t go around killing people but only stop killing people where the police have setup a “killing cam”.
    Law says don’t speed – so don’t speed.

  • My parents recently got a new car along with a GPS to stick in it. They’ve turned the setting off since but it would sometimes come up with warnings saying there was a speed camera in certain places as you were getting near them. Was weird but maybe it was referencing maps like these or something.

  • What get’s me is people (usually young with a P plate) tailgating and then pulling off stupid cut ins just so they can get one spot ahead on the highway. Probably a reflection of the “I need it now” generation

  • Well, there’s speeding (57 in a 50 zone) and then there’s Speeding (120 in a 60 zone). In any case, speeding is generally only a “factor” in accidents; the *cause* of the majority of accidents is failure to give way. I really wish they’d police that as much as they do speeding. You certainly don’t need to be speeding to kill someone.

  • Or you could avoid speeding fines by, I don’t know, obeying the law?

    Of course there is nothing wrong with knowing where speed cameras are, but to use this information solely to avoid being fined for doing the wrong thing is obviously questionable advice.

  • I’m usually in the “if you’re speeding then you deserved the fine” camp. But I have witnessed the cops pulling tricks that are a little evil. Like on the first day back at school after the xmas break you will see them hiding behind trees in school zones with radar guns. They pull people over waaaay up the road out of sight. It’s fairly obvious they are grabbing as people who have forgotten school is back in and the school zone speed reduction is active. If they actually cared they would have a visible presence to remind people. Big signs, parked visible cop car, pulling people over where it’s visible to others. But no, the chance for some quick revenue is more important then the kids.

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