Would You Spend $87,500 Via A Mobile Site?

Would You Spend $87,500 Via A Mobile Site?

eBay is celebrating 100 million downloads of its mobile apps with some weird statistics that prove people will spend a lot of money on vehicles via their phones. The most expensive item ever listed using a mobile device in Australia? A $45,700 caravan. The most expensive purchase? An $87,500 vintage US muscle car.

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The top two items listed on eBay.com.au using a mobile device were an ensuite van which sold for $45,700 in January this year, followed by a 10 ounce gold bullion bar sold for $14,5000 in late August. The priciest purchase through a mobile was a $US87,500 Chevrolet Bel Air 150/210 which sold in February, with second place taken by a Hermes Birkin Leather Handbag which went for $US18,750 in August.

Leaving aside whether you’d spend $18,750 on a handbag like the one pictured (I wouldn’t, but I suspect the team at FabSugar might think differently), I’m curious: do you think differently when it comes to buying on your mobile phone, or is it all one and the same?

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  • I used to love shopping on my mobile but 2 factor authentication in paypal h as made that almost impossible as the paypal android app doesn’t support 2-factor auth – it’s actually faster to remote desktop into my home machine and use that to pay for the purchase.

    Anyway to answer the question, I don’t think price is important when buying online wit h a phone, and certainly not with a tablet. Obviously the more expensive the item, the more imost people are going to think about their purchase before clicking the buy now button, but if I have the time to investigate properly i’d buy almost anything on a mobile.

    A 3G mobile is actually more secure than many computers, and certainly more secure than any wifi network, as the 3G connection itself is inherently secure, and then you have SSL on top of that for encrypting the data once it hits the internet.

    I’d happily use my phone or tablet in preference to a computer from a stranger, cafe, airport, etc.

  • Go for it, I figure the app is as secure as the desktop version. I wouldn’t list anything though, getting a good price requires more formatting and attention to detail than I could handle on a phone.

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