Use Siri And IFTTT To To-Dos On Astrid Using Your Voice

Astrid is one of our favourite to-do list managers, but the ability to add tasks by voice is a premium feature. Using IFTTT and Siri on your iOS device, you can add to-dos with your voice quickly without the hassle and the price tag.

This tip comes to us from the team at Astrid directly. Writing on the Astrid Blog, UX lead Henry Tsai explains that using this IFTTT recipe and adding Astrid as a contact will let you call up Siri, speak "tell Astrid to buy some eggs", and Siri will email your to-do to Astrid, which will then route it to your to-do list automatically.

You'll need to enable the SMS and Gmail channels in IFTTT to make it work, but after a few minutes of setup, you'll be all set and able to add to-dos by voice on your iPhone or iPad. Hit the link below for a full step-by-step guide.

Create Astrid Tasks with Siri Using This Simple Workaround [Astrid Blog]


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