Use A Tripod And A Rubber Band For Less Shaky Video Recordings

If your homemade videos look like they were filmed during an earthquake, there is an easy way to smooth things out without spending a lot of money. All you need to get started is a rubber band and a tripod.

A lot of tripods are made for still photography, so even if you use the tripod to pan, your video will look jerky. The best solution (short of buying a more expensive video tripod) is to loop a rubber band around the handle and use that to pull. It'll absorb some of the shock and pan your video much more smoothly. Check out the video above for the funny demonstration.

Best Camera Trick Ever! [YouTube via Reddit]


    This is why I read lifehacker..

    I already do this lol. didnt realise it would get the kind of attention that youtube video got. Seemed obvious at the time.

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