How To Film Steady Shots With Your Camera Without Expensive Gear

One way to give your films a more professional touch is by making sure your camera is stabilised. While a bit of "shaky cam" can be used to good effect, most of the time its not what you want. Luckily, you don't need expensive gear to keep your shots steady.

The folks over on Filmora's YouTube channel put together this great clip showing off various ways to stabilise your camera without spending loads of money (or going to a lot of effort).

For example, if you have a tripod but want to take a moving shot, you can grip it by its middle struct and use that to move while minimising oscillations. If you're tripod-less, no worries there either. Using a rubber band attached to a belt loop and your camera, you can steady your hands and move about at the same time.

Make sure you keep a strong grip on the camera though. And don't use old rubber bands — they lose elasticity over time.

Check out the whole clip for all of Filmora's steady-cam tricks.

5 Ways to Stabilize Your Camera — Easy & Effective! [YouTube]


    If you are walking a lot, consider a walking stick / monopod combination.

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