Virgin Mobile Versus Optus: Who Has The Better 4G Deal For The Galaxy S III?

Virgin Mobile Versus Optus: Who Has The Better 4G Deal For The Galaxy S III?

Virgin Mobile has quickly followed its parent company Optus into the world of consumer 4G, announcing access to 4G networks for customers with suitable phones. Virgin is also offering the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S III, which raises the question: given that the network is identical, are you better off buying it through Optus or Virgin?

Like Optus, Virgin is taking pre-orders for the S III and will deliver in late September. The table below shows what you’ll pay with each provider

Provider Monthly cost Handset cost Contract Total cost Data
Virgin $29.00 $21.00 24 $1,200.00 250MB
Virgin $39.00 $19.00 24 $1,392.00 500MB
Virgin $49.00 $13.00 24 $1,488.00 2GB
Virgin $59.00 $7.00 24 $1,584.00 3GB
Virgin $89.00 $0.00 24 $2,136.00 4GB
Optus $30.00 $21.00 24 $1,224.00 200MB
Optus $35.00 $19.00 24 $1,296.00 200MB
Optus $50.00 $13.00 24 $1,512.00 1GB
Optus $60.00 $7.00 24 $1,608.00 1.5GB
Optus $80.00 $0.00 24 $1,920.00 2GB

Virgin looks like very good value on this comparison, especially since its data allocation on comparable price points is double what Optus offers, and data is the key driver for using 4G. All of Optus’ sub-$60 price points are bad value in terms of overall cost once you pay handset charges (the $60 plan is only $100 more than the $50 deal over the life of the contract.)

Telstra will also be selling the Galaxy S III from October, but has not announced pricing.

If you’re on a contract, you can also bring your own 4G phone to Virgin Mobile (or upgrade your existing handset), provided that it isn’t network locked. If you’re not in a 4G area (central Sydney, Perth and Newcastle right now, with Melbourne launching on September 15), you’ll fall back onto the standard Optus 3G network.

On the mobile broadband front, Virgin Mobile says it will announce specific 4G plans later in the year. (I suspect that if you had a suitable 4G device and were on a contract plan, you’d be able to use the 4G network, but it’s not an official option.)

For a full explanation of Optus’ 4G network, check out our overview.

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  • Virgin is my new fav carrier, ever since I did research for the gfs iphone last year they’ve had awesome plans. picked up my Gnexus free on the $29 2gb plan 2 months ago.

  • Personally I would completely avoid virgin, they offer good plans but service wise they are abysmal. My HTC One X requires repairs, they will not replace it and expect me to wait 4-6 weeks for it to be fixed. The mobile hotspot doesn’t even work when plugged in, something they forget to mention. No Doubt they will offer a good price but it comes at a hell of a price. Go Optus, never had an issue with them

  • I’m currently with Virgin and was on Optus for years before that. Aside from the atrocious changeover were they left me without a number for about five days, I can’t tell the difference between the two, except that Virgin is cheaper.

    • James, please let me poke a bit of fun… ” the atrocious change()over w(h)ere … for about five days”… Yikes, five days without a cell phone. What have we become? If its that important a ” burner ” and call forwarding would do the trick! Your ear and radiation exposure level, probably thanks your carrier for being a bit tardy!

  • I got htc one s and dr.dre headset at the first contract on virgin,2month ago, then i sold all as $550. And bought galaxy s3 white brandnew from kogan, and exchanged it with second hand galaxy s3 blue with $150. Then sold it for $590 again. Now i am waiting galaxy note2, 32gb, 4g. My contract was $39/month adding 2gb data more.

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