Prevent An Avocado Or Guacamole From Turning Brown With An Onion

Once an avocado is cut, it gets brown pretty quickly. It's still edible, but not that attractive. If you want to keep the saved avocado half or a bowl of guacamole green, store it with a red onion.

The video above from CHOW shows a red onion can preserve the avocado for longer than other common approaches (lemon juice, plastic wrap and tap water). Cut up a red onion and put it at the bottom of the storage container. Store the avocado on top, with the skin side down. (Because the skin is touching the avocado, you don't get the onion flavour leaking onto your fruit. The red onion also is milder than yellow onions.)

You can also store big chunks of red onion on top of guacamole to keep it fresh and presentable for longer, as the video at right from shows. This video, though longer, demonstrates a number of other techniques commonly used to preserve avocados — but the red onion still wins, followed by using lemon juice. (You could also use lemon slices for this trick.)

How to Prevent an Avocado from Browning - CHOW Tip [YouTube]


    Better solution. Leave pit in, wrap tightly with tin foil. If you leave air between the cut flesh and foil it will still brown.

    Mmm great, not my Avocado tastes like an onion. Just what I wanted. :\

    I have an avocado holder thingo. It has a strap that you tie it into, it keeps it fresh for a couple of days

    The best way to stop an avocado going brown is to keep oxygen away from the cut flesh. My favourite way of doing this is to put it in a small container with full of water. The fat in the avocado keeps the water from penetrating the flesh.

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