Keyboard Shortcuts To Move Between Blocks Of Data In Excel

I'm very keen on Excel keyboard shortcuts, but somehow I've never noticed this before: using control plus the arrow keys will jump you to the left, right, top or bottom of a fixed block of data. Very handy for navigating complex spreadsheets.

In the other Office apps (and many other apps generally), Control plus a key jumps either a word at a time (left and right) or a paragraph at a time (up and down). I imagine the equivalent Cmd key shortcuts also work in Office for Mac, but I can't confirm that directly. For more Excel shortcuts, check out our listing of the six most useful shortcuts.

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    Yep - cmd works in Mac. How had you not noticed these before? :)
    Also shift and ctrl moves to the end and selects the data. One you missed off your other list was to press tab to shift right after editing data. F4 locks the ranges in the cell formula you're editing too. That'll do for now!

    One of my most used shortcuts involving this topic is when you have to copy down some formulae in a really big table. Use shift and the arrow keys to select the top row (the cells with the formulae you want to copy) then while continuing to hold down the shift key add in the ctrl key and hit the down arrow. very helpful when you have thousands of rows to fill.

    You can press and release the 'end' key and then an arrow key to do the same thing.

    Hold Alt and press = --> this will sum the cells above the current cell. It is also pretty smart: IF you have a column of cells, and one of the cells already has a sum formula (for the cells above that), then Alt + = will only sum the numbers up to but not including that sum cell. Think of an income and expenses table, where the income was summed, then expenses were listed below it.

    How did you not notice this? It's very annoying when you're trying to paste something, you stuff up the command, and you end up 600 columns to the left.

    OK it's not that annoying. But I do it all the time.

    I use F2 a lot.. Edits the contents of the selected cell without overwriting what's already there and it saves clicking in the formula bar.. In fact most of my work is done in excel just using the keyboard and hardly ever using the mouse.

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