Create Sums In Excel With A Keyboard Shortcut

If you use Excel regularly, you should already know that you can see the sum of a group of cells by selecting them and looking in the bottom right of the Excel window. But if you actually want to enter a SUM formula, there’s a handy keyboard shortcut to make it easier.

Helen Bradley (one of our favourite tech writers) notes that if you type Alt-=, the SUM function is automatically entered. OK, SUM isn’t the hardest sequence to remember, but in a complex spreadsheet the time savings will add up.

This is joining my existing list of favourite Excel keyboard shortcuts, which already includes using Alt-Enter for a line break. I also learned another one from Helen’s post: Control-‘ will copy the contents of the cell above the current cell.

For more, check our list of the six most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel and check out cheat sheets to learn even more.

5 Cool Excel 2010 tips and tricks [Helen Bradley]

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