Help Someone Else When You're Having Trouble Getting Started

When we're procrastinating, it's hard to get up the momentum to get started on a project we should be working on. Designer D Keith Robinson's solution is to ask someone else if they need help. Once he's done, he's ready to work on his own projects.

Image: Andreas Klinke Johannsen.

We know that getting started is everything, but sometimes it's hard to get the motivation to force yourself to do something. Robinson's solution is simple:

Often, when I'm not sure where to start, or have a mountain of daunting tasks piling up, I begin by asking someone else if they need help with anything.

To me it's probably the single best motivational/productivity tip I can think of. Sure it's slightly counter intuitive, as you're potentially taking on work, but the rewards are mighty. I find that after I spend some time helping someone else get started (or finished) I'm refreshed and ready to get going on my own stuff.

Yes, it's a little counter intuitive in that you're still distracted from what you should be doing, but it's an easy way to take a small step towards getting yourself motivated to get things done for yourself.

Motivational Tip: Helping [dkr]


    This is just another form of proctastinating.

    Cool tip nonetheless, but yeah, I wouldn't be into this. To actually do stuff, you need to eliminate the other stuff, to do stuff.

    This is definitely 'other stuff'.

    Great idea and definitely a good way to get yourself motivated. It's been a simple solution for decades by helping someone you forget about your own issues and focus on them. And you generally feel good about life and if you feeling good then you are more motivated ti tackle your own tasks at hand.

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