Make A Handheld Linux Terminal With A Raspberry Pi

Make A Handheld Linux Terminal With A Raspberry Pi

We’ve seen pocket-sized Raspberry Pi computers before, but they usually require a 3D-printed case. DIY enthusiast Chris Robinson shows you how to build one with off-the-shelf parts.

Robinson’s build uses a Raspberry Pi A+, a USB hub, battery, touchscreen, charger, backlit keyboard and a few other random parts. The whole thing is housed inside of two plastic hard drive enclosures that are connected with a piano hinge. You’ll need some extra tools, including a drill, a soldering iron and some wire cutters, but Robinson’s guide is otherwise pretty straightforward.

How to Create a Handheld Linux Terminal [Node]


  • The first thing you do is: take a Raspberry Pi and strip all the bulky connectors off.
    My first thought was: What about using the Pi Compute Module instead?

    The few connectors you DO use would need to be wired to a 200-pin SODIMM connector, but I reckon the result would be pretty darn flat. Kickstarter, anyone?

    • alright. this project is more than doable. my only issue is finding the darn hard drive cases that were used in the “tutorial”

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