Cull Your Facebook Friends List By Seeking Out Distinctive Memories Of That Person

Some people treat getting additional Facebook friends as a competitive sport, but if you are friends with several hundred people chances are your list could do with some culling. Sean Goode suggests an easy way to do that: delete anyone you don't have a distinctive and meaningful memory of.

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Writing on Telstra's Exchange blog, Goode notes that Dunbar number theory suggests we can't have meaningful interactions with more than 200-odd people. He keeps his Facebook friends number below that with a simple test:

When deciding who to remove and who to keep in my friends list, I follow a simple rule: If I can recollect a meaningful story or anecdote about the two of us then I will keep you.

Facebook's automatic sorting and prioritisation features mean that you're probably not seeing posts from many of your "friends" anyway. If you're happy with that state of affairs, then culling your list may not be a high priority. However, spring cleaning your Facebook friends list can be a sensible way to streamline your digital lifestyle and making the interactions you do have more purposeful. For more thoughts on how to tidy up your social networks, check out our comprehensive guide.

Have your own criteria for keeping or deleting Facebook friends? Let's hear it in the comments.

What's your social number? [Telstra Exchange]


    I was distracted by the reflection of the girl in the blue bikini in the window so I didn't read the article. More posts like this lifehacker.

      I like the idea of hot chick where's wally in LH articles from now on.

    best comment ever comment ever

    I used the a "Crossing the street" system when I recently culled from ~400 down to ~180. I imagined walking down a busy street and seeing the other person walking the other way on the other side. If I'd cross the road to say hello, then they stayed. If I'd just shout out across the street, then they were a maybe, but if I'd just wave/nod/ignore, then they were off the list.

    I follow the Birthday rule. If facebook reminds me that it's your birthday, and I don't know you or care about you enough to wish you a happy birthday, then you get deleted.

    An article on how to remove large amounts of friends with ease would be good. I want to do this but it takes many clicks to find and remove people. I've found when it is someone's birthday who I am not close with - I remove.

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