How To Filter Unnecessary Likes And Comments From Your Facebook News Feed

Lately, Facebook's news feed has become even more cluttered than usual, informing you of every comment your friends make and every page they like. If you want to keep your feed a little cleaner, reader Justin Beeson shows us how.

You can always customise Facebook with browser extensions or other tweaks, but if you just want to fix this annoyance, Facebook has a method built-in. You'll need a friends list to start with, but you should be using those anyway — they're a great way to filter out the people you don't really care about.

Click on your friend list of choice in the left sidebar, and click the "Manage List" button in the top right-hand corner. Click "Choose Update Types, and then click "Manage List" again to show the full list of possible updates. From there, you can uncheck things like "Comments and Likes", "Games" and any other updates that clutter up your news feed. Coupled with the friend list, it's a great way to see only the good stuff on Facebook — and none of the junk.

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    The problem is not wholly with Comments & Likes but with non-mutual friends of theirs who make Public posts.

    I actually think the biggest problem is Sponsored Stories, which there is NO way to opt out of seeing. These are the reason you keep seeing posts from pages a friend likes. Pages you like are also silently giving your endorsement to YOUR friends too, for posts you may not actually agree with. You can turn off from having your name attached to these Sponsored Stories in your privacy settings, but you would need every friend to do so as well to clean your entire feed.

    OR you can install the FB Purity extension. Does the job of filtering the spam out perfectly for me.

    I have done this and it worked, for a while. Then FB changed something and now I get them constantly! I will select the drop down arrow next to the "liked" thing and select "hide comments and likes by xxx". The one post goes away but the "liked" things keep showing up. I had one friend this afternoon that kept displaying all of their likes no matter how many times I hid them.

    I have tried to find something about it in their help area and come up empty handed.

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