What Advice Do You Seek From Facebook Friends?

Australians apparently made six billion visits to Facebook last year, so we're wasting spending a lot of time there. But while asking friends for advice is one of the principle attractions of social networking, apparently we don't treat all such advice equally.

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A survey of 1,000 Australians commissioned by Amaysim suggests that 95 per cent of social media users ask for advice using those services, and 46 per cent do so daily. But some topics rate higher than others. The most popular choice was restaurant advice (41 per cent), entertainment (40 per cent) and holidays (32 per cent). Fashion and relationship advice ranked surprisingly low, on just 10 per cent each.

I don't ask for advice a lot via my social networks, and when I do it's mostly on Twitter. Are you dependent on social networks for advice, and what areas do you focus on? Tell us in the comments.


    Whenever I post that I'm suffering from some ailment or other (sore throat, flu, etc) people to always offer advice on their home remedies.
    I've had family members post to ask for advice on potty training their kids, too.

      This. I see so many people posting kid-related questions.

    maybe not what you are looking for but I set the cat among the pigeons yesterday with
    Question: is Lingerie football demeaning to women, any more so then say roller derby and why?

      I think the fact that Roller Derby crowds consist primarily of women and Lingerie football crowds consist primarily of men is indicative of the level it demeans women, but Macca, that is an excellent question!

    Rarely, as Google usually has a more sensible answer than any of my friends.

    Yeah depending on the question I need to ask. If it's about something local (when is happening, what happened with last night, how do I shot web etc.) then I'll ask Facebook (as not many of my friends are on Google+. Boo!)

    I also ask regarding stuff I find ambiguous on Google. Stuff like software / hardware reviews where results are mixed. I know my friends may not offer the level of detail I'm after, but I can also ask to test it out and play around with their machine / software to get a better idea.

      yeah, this is a good one - people often mention tiny annoyances that reviews may not pick up but that are good to factor into a decision.

    I rarely ask for advice, but when I do, it's usually in regards to what movie I should watch next, or what bands are good.

    what advice do you seek from facebook friends? absolutely nothing.

    People are pretty stupid in general so i never ask anyone for advice. I also find that people who have the experience and intelligence to give good advice are also the people who know not to give it.

    I asked for book recommendations - I wanted easy to read but not too schlocky (had just had a baby so didn't have the stamina for great works of fiction). I got lots of great recommendations, and a friend ended up posting me three books.
    It was definitely worthwhile - people are very enthusiastic about books they've enjoyed.

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