Break Bad Habits By Paying $1 For Each Offence

Got a bad habit or two you want to break? Blogger Buster Benson has a simple solution: just make your friends charge you $1 for every time they catch you engaging in your bad habits.

Picture by Mark Nolan/Getty Images

This idea isn't really anything new, of course. We've all heard of using a "swear jar" or something similar to curb certain behaviour, but Buster's solution is self-induced. He had four habits he wanted to break (excessive complaining, gossiping, junk food, and alcohol), so he established the $1 rule with all of his friends and asked them to keep him accountable. If any of them catch him partaking in any of those habits, they call him out and get a dollar in return. Everyone wins, and you'll probably break that habit pretty quickly if you adopt the same method.

If you're a little short on cash, we've shared lots of other ways to break those bad habits, too — from using a webcam to programming your day. Hit the link to read more about Buster's approach.

$1 for You [Way of the Duck]


    Did anyone else notice that all the coins in the picture above are $2 coins?

      Only after reading your comment pretty funny

    One of the coolest trick that mum did to get her friend to stop smoking was she got him to grab a packet of smokes and she wrapped a $2 note (yes this was back in the 80s) around each.

    He smoked 3 out of the packet and stopped smoking. He still has the rest of them on the shelf.

    This will only work if you show restraint and not buy another packet of smokes.

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