Microsoft's New Dashboard Lets You Manage Your Personal Information

Microsoft's new Personal Data Dashboard is a one-stop shop for managing your personal details stored on various Microsoft services. You can see and clear your Bing searches and ad preferences, and jump to the profile settings pages for services like Xbox and MSN.

The dashboard is a bit like Google Dashboard, except it doesn't have as much data right now. The Personal Data Dashboard is in beta, and Microsoft says more information and services are being added.

Currently, you can manage your Windows Live ID user profile, tell Microsoft what topics and brands you're interested in, and opt out of Microsoft advertising and emails. The ad preferences and Bing search history are probably the most useful features available.

Sign in with your Windows Live ID to access the dashboard.

Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard [via gHacks]


    I actually like this very much but the layout needs to be changed so it's more inline with Skydrive,. and the rest. That'smy only issue at the moment but so far I think it's really good

    Now could they let us have custom screen names once again in Live Messenger.. I don't really like it showing my full name or my friends full names.

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