Make A Solar-Powered Battery Charger From A Playing Card

If you're looking for a space-saving alternative to recharging your AA or AAA batteries, you can put together a solar-powered battery charger out of nothing but a playing card and a few other materials.

We've featured a few solar-powered charging solutions before, but this method doesn't involve any soldering, and it's really simple, so you don't need to know a lot about circuits or electronics to put it together.

Aside from the playing card, you'll need a few more items: small solar cells (called solettes), copper tape, small magnets and some super glue. If you feel up to the challenge, you can even add a Schottky diode that keeps the batteries from discharging overnight, and an indicator LED. Hit the link below to see the full how-to.

Turn a playing card into a solar charger for AA batteries [Instructables]


    So not so much out of a playing card as "anything that can hold the solar panel in place"

    Here's me wondering if science had discovered that playing cards held some lost photonic art....

      I agree with you. The title is misleading.

    Hey Lifehacker,

    I made an iPhone out a playing card! I bought an iPhone and taped a playing card to the back! How good is that!!!???? LOLOLOL

    Macgyver would be proud. Did you see the episode where he was trapped in a compound on a cliff so built an aeroplane to escape?!

      Did he build it out of a playing card, or did he tape some wings and an engine to the back of a playing card?

    Build a house out of doorknobs! (and some other materials... bricks, cement etc)

    MacGuyver built the plane from his iPhone, @Sean, but he'd downloaded iOS 6. That's why he's disappeared off our tv screens, I expect.

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