Add Solar Power To Your Stuff This Weekend

If you want to cut electricity bills, nothing is more effective than harnessing the power of the sun. This weekend, tackle a DIY project or two that gives you access to solar power.

Add Solar Power To Your Gadgets

There are plenty of gadgets you can power with the sun, whether it's your mobile phone or your ebook reader. With the right kit you can modify just about anything. If a particular gadget takes standard AA batteries, you can create a solar charger for them out of a playing card. You'll need something to carry all these gadgets and chargers, so add some solar panels to your backpack and charge anything on the go. Add a solar powered Wi-Fi hotspot and you'll have mobile internet, too.

Power Your Home With The Sun

Okay, you can't power your entire home with the sun without making some serious(ly expensive) alterations, but there are smaller and more cost-efficient things you can do easily. For starters, try a solar oven for cooking, and a security camera to keep your home safe. You can even mow the lawn with your solar-powered mower.

Have a happy (and hopefully sun-filled) weekend!


    Add a solar powered Wi-Fi hotspot and you’ll have mobile internet, too.

    Link is dead.

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