Make A DIY Grill Out Of A Tin Can

Make A DIY Grill Out Of A Tin Can

If you’re in serious need of a grill but don’t have one on hand, you can satisfy that hot dog craving with just a tin can and a baking sheet.

We’ve discussed how to build a DIY grill before, but this method is the most doable since pretty much everyone has a tin can lying around. All you need to do is cut slats around the can and fold them back to create a large opening. Then fill ‘er up with charcoal (use aluminium foil to keep it clean) and place a baking sheet on top.

The nice thing about this is that tin cans come in all different sizes, so you can make your tin can grill however large you small you want to fit your needs.

Improvised Grills…Create Your Own Grill for Great Fun [Dian Thomas via WonderHowTo]


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