Turn A 55-Gallon Drum Into A Barbecue

Your BBQ and grilling exploits don't require a premium barbecue—in fact with a little scavenging you can be sporting a spacious grill for very little cash outlay. Follow this simple tutorial to turn a 55-gallon drum into a grill.

Barbecuing is a forgiving process. You need meat, heat, and a place to combine the two for an extended period of time. A steel 55-gallon drum has a large volume—great for keeping a stable temperature—and a broad cross section for laying out a variety of cuts and burgers.

Johnny Blegs, an industrious tinkerer, put together a tutorial at the DIY site Instructables which takes you from acquiring a drum all the way to putting the finishing touches on your new grill. If you scavenge carefully, as he did, you can get your hands on nearly all the parts for free. Even if you're not as lucky, it's not an expensive project given the size of the grill you end up with. Check out the tutorial for additional photos and tips.

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How to Build Your Own BBQ Barrel [via Make]


    Where do you get a 55-Gallon drum from?

    Be careful of what was in the drum before you got hold of it. A lot of 2nd hand drums go though a number of uses before they get scrapped. Especially be careful if you are using a grinder with a drum that contained something volatile. Also if there was something unpleasant in the drum you don't want to be putting your food anywhere near it. Look for a drum that was used in a food grade application and be aware that it maybe possible to find stainless steel drums (could be pretty rare to pick them up for nix though)

    Don't you mean 45 Gallon drum ?

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