JB Hi-Fi NOW On Windows Phone 7

Android and iOS mobile apps for JB Hi-Fi's streaming music service NOW appeared back in April. Windows Phone 7 users can now feel the love too, with a dedicated WP7 app.

I only realised the app had appeared when JB Hi-Fi mentioned it during its annual results; according to the Windows Marketplace, it was actually released in mid-June. The app itself is free, but you need a paid NOW subscription to use it.

JB Hi-Fi NOW [Windows Marketplace]


    Looks cool, but if you've got a Nokia Lumia then Nokia Music is really all you need.

      the Zune marketplace is the best music service of all, that feature alone is making me miss my Lumia horribly even though I now have a GSIII

    Sadly though, their music library is still as woeful as when they launched.

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