JB Hi-Fi's NOW Mobile Apps Are Finally Available

They were promised at launch, and at long last, the mobile companion apps for JB Hi-Fi's NOW music service are available for iOS and Android.

Both are a free download, and while the NOW service isn't free, JB Hi-Fi do offer a free month's worth of access when you first sign up. As something of a sweetener, if you've already had your free month when the service first launched, JB Hi-Fi's offering another free month on top. That's an aggressive move, but not an entirely shocking one, given that in the intervening period Rdio has launched (as has Rara.Com) and Spotify has made it very clear it's on the verge of doing so. [JB Hi-Fi NOW]


    It didn't work for me on installation, and apparently quite a few others if you read the reviews. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.jbhifi.now.android Waste of time.

    Hrm - no ICS support. "Coming soon" - let's hope so!

    Works great on my Galaxy S3 and Galaxy 10.1 Tablet and SONOS System :0)

    just installed the app on my iphone and now my phone is dead. itunes wont recognise my iphone. not impressed

    Works perfect on GS-III. Can play media no worries; enjoying every beat!!!

    I installed the app so that I would have music, lots of music as I drove for 12 weeks around australia, great idea but the app is incredibly fragile, while uploading songs to be played offline it drops out and has to be restarted again and again, from time to time the stored music for offline play simply dissappears (and it cost me a bomb to reload the music). The app loses internet conectivity.......it's a great idea but it doesn't deliver.

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