Ask LH: Can I Use Dropbox For iTunes Storage?

Dear Lifehacker, Can I keep my iTunes library in my DropBox and have the same library on all my computers? Thanks, Tuning Up

Dear TU,

You can indeed! We've actually offered up a full guide on how to do this before here at Lifehacker, so we'll point you straight to that without repeating ourselves. But we will point out a few limitations:

  • Unless you have a very small music library, you'll almost certainly need to upgrade your Dropbox to a paid version to have sufficient space.
  • The initial upload of music will be very slow, and will use a lot of your monthly bandwidth allocation, so time it carefully if you don't want to spend a month being shaped or pay extra download charges.
  • Because your iTunes Library file assumes that the path to your music will be the same on every machine, you may run into problems if you try and mix operating systems (Windows and Mac) with this method.

But with those caveats in mind, it's a handy way to make your music library accessible from multiple machines (and allowing your iDevices to sunc to the same library) without needing to set up your own network-attached storage.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Just use iTunes Match. It's cheaper than dropbox, and you can have 25000 songs up to 200mb each.
    It syncs seamlessly with all your ipads/iphones/appletv/macs


      Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    i disagree, itunes match is shit. it often has trouble connecting, and a few of my songs it matched in the wrong fricken language. i did unclicked the auto renew...

    Yes you can and yes I do. It's called a backup stupid.

    Sugarsync would work better as you can choose different sync locations on the different computer. Love this feature as I use it to sync my desktop and user directories on all my computers.

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