When Was The Last Time You Did Nothing?

Before the constant distractions of Facebook, emails and vibrating smartphones, we enjoyed this thing called "downtime". We've mentioned several times how breaks help us stay productive — so when was the last time you did nothing but be in your own head?

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When we say "doing nothing", we don't mean flopping down on the couch to play video games, watch a movie and de-stress, although there's value in that too. We mean actually doing nothing, like standing on the porch with a cup of coffee, alone with your thoughts.

Those moments are rare for most of us, except perhaps when they're forced on us, such as when we're showering, shaving or brushing our teeth. Study after study has shown that downtime helps us recharge our mental batteries, come up with new ideas, remember important things and dream amazing things. Even so, Scott Belsky, writing for The 99 Percent, points out that we often crave distraction, and if we really want downtime, we have to carve it out of our day by unplugging, scheduling times and places for deep thinking, meditation or naps, and then fiercely protect it.

What Happened to Downtime? The Extinction of Deep Thinking & Sacred Space [The 99 Percent]


    Every morning...back patio, coffee and nothing....bliss

    I hardly take downtime anymore, And if i do my head is just filled with work stuff anyway, so
    it makes it hard to relax with all that going on. I am not a workaholic btw. But recently I have
    been noticing I just don't take enough time for myself like the article. No me time.

    Used to be going outside in the morning for a smoke. And then mid-morning for a smoke. And then morning tea and a smoke. and after lunch fro a smoke... but that habit had to go.

    ....Shower. Suddenly, I've been in there half an hour.

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