The NightWave Makes You Fall Asleep Faster With Soothing Blue Light

The NightWave is a tiny “sleep assistant” designed to relax you quickly into sleep. The soft blue light guides your breathing and focuses your mind until the next thing you know, it’s morning.

Falling asleep quickly is a challenge for many of us, myself included. (Sometimes it feels like my overactive mind keeps me awake for hours before I finally fall asleep.)

The NightWave is a smart cure for this problem. You project the light onto the ceiling or a wall and breathe in and out in sync with the light, which gradually becomes slower and slower. This does two things: It gives your active mind something to focus on (easier than doing math or counting sheep) and it gets you to relax and breathe slowly — the way our bodies naturally prepare to sleep.

I tried it for a few nights and conked out before the seven-minute session was over; I didn’t even need to try the longer 25-minute setting. My six-year-old daughter tried it with me and fell asleep before I did — a huge sleep advancement in our household.

The small device runs off a 9V battery (good for 600 uses) and has two other settings so it can be used as a nightlight or, during the day, as a relaxation device. For that latter option, you’re supposed to hold the NightWave in your hand and look at the beating light, which mimics a normal heartbeat at a relaxed 60 beats per minute. I didn’t try that option because it just seemed weird to stare at the light directly.

Using the NightWave for sleep is kind of like when you get groggy watching TV and your eyelids keep getting heavier and heavier until you just give up and go to sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep too, you can pick it up for $79.95 directly from the Australian site, however, given the exchange rate, it’s probably a bit cheaper to pick it up from the US for $US49.95 with $US18 shipping.

NightWave (Australian site)

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