Tax Refunds: 22,000 Returns Finalised Already

Last week, we noted that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) had warned that tax returns submitted before July 13 might not be processed ahead of that date. Things are going better than expected, with 22,000 returns already finalised.

According to the ATO, 340,000 tax returns have already been submitted. It has finalised 22,000 of them, and says that leaves it " on track to meet our service standard to finalise 94% of returns within 12 business days". Its first full set of processing statistics will be released next week. In the meantime, you can check out our full Tax Week 2012 guide if you're preparing your tax, and download e-tax if you're not working through an agent or accountant.



    Mine's in! Came through yesterday!

    I don't like the tax man this year. normally I get at least $1000.00 back, but this year, my pay hasn't increased and the estimate was a lousily $255.36.

    I better start having kids if I ever wish to get any tax back again. Being single and living alone this is crap.

    Yeah mars you'll be way ahead once you have a few kids, they're as cheap as chips...

    Mars i had the exact same thing. I usually get myself $1k-2k but the estimation tells me it'll only be a small $600 this year. What gives i wonder?

      If I remember correctly, I paid $500 as medicare levy last year. It's gone upto $800 this year.

      Last year I got $1700, I'm getting <$250 this year :( , but that's because I have a full time job now

    I wonder what the stats are for Single income earners compared to families? is it a 50/50 split? cuz next election I know I'll be voting for someone who is going to GIVE me money, not take it away cuz I haven't popped out a baby yet. I'm happy for families getting support etc, but isn't being Australian about giving people a fair go? What about my G-O?

    I remember loving K.Rudd for the $900.00 hand out, then I also got $2000 back in tax that tax year, my wage has only gone up $5000 since then. So what gives?


        why do people think a tax return is an entitlement? if you have paid the correct amount of tax for your income throughout the year (and don't have any deductions/offsets) why should you get refund?

    Yeah got some reason my tax estimate was poor. Kind of really annoying as i was relying on it.

    Woo, i got mine today! I am also in the same boat as most people, single and getting slugged for anything and everything the government can think of to tax me on. It annoys me very much

    Just to annoy everyone: My work refuses to update my details (i.e. that I have paid off my HECS debt) so I still get taxed excessively. Every year (for the last 4 or so) I get about $22000 back as there is no HECS debt left. No shady shenanigans, I still do my own taxes on e-tax. Got slugged with that flood levy though!

      $22000?! What?!


    getting my family tax benifit top up on tuesday.. hopefully it means that my return is due the same day. $8,000 in total

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