When Will You Get Your Tax Refund?

From today, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) begins processing 2011-2012 tax returns. If you have submitted using e-tax, you should get a refund within 12 business days. That's slower than the ATO promised last year, and there are some caveats.

The main caveat is that processing takes a week to ramp up, so refunds aren't expected to start appearing until July 13 at the earliest. If you submitted as soon as e-tax was released, you might not get much speed advantage.

If your return isn't processed within 12 business days, the ATO aims to process it within 30 calendar days from that point, and will notify you if it takes longer. Last year, the ATO undertook to process 94 per cent of electronic returns within 14 days, but it hasn't made that specific percentage commitment this time and the overall period is longer. (12 business days can run within 16 calendar days).

Common errors often delay returns. Frequent problems cited by the ATO include incorrect bank account details, incorrect birth dates and failure to include address changes.



    Ive been using etax for a few years now. I always lodge either on the 30th of June or by the 2nd of July.
    The shortest processing time Ive seen is 15 days and the longest 20 days. I always include the correct details in my return. I think they just use the "wrong details" thing as a weak excuse to shift the blame of long priocessing times.

      ALWAYS includes correct details in priocessing. Haha

    When will I get a refund?? Never!!! When will I have to pay them back because of the Medicare Levy?? Probably about a fortnight after I submit my return... grrrr!

      The date you will have to pay them if your return ends up that way is Mid November (last year it was Nov 21st). I will have to do that this year, since I earned a fair bit of interest on my savings, which apparently counts as income :(

        Edvard, Like I said on a previous post, a Tax return means they've had your money on an interest free loan, a bill means you've had theirs and like Xyranius says, you don't have to pay until way later (Mine was due in may this year)
        Xyranius, of course interest earnt is income. You can avoid this by getting an offset account on your mortgage, but again, a bill is better than a return (in theory)

          Oh, I plan to get and use an offset account... but this is why I have savings, I am currently saving up for the deposit on my first home. And yes, I understand why interest counts as income, I'm just having a good Aussie whinge at the rules not conforming to what best suits me. :)

          There is also the option for people to file their tax through an accountant, and this runs different dates. I think that if you owe the tax office, you will not have to pay until sometime in mid next year. Probably best to look at the ATO website for more information on this.

    Why the government really have in working people ? I worked last year I did not receive any reform ,are they encouraging people to be welfare dependent?if you earn up to 77000.and have about 18,000 tax what will be your reform?

    I sent in my claim over a week ago and I cannot see the status of my refund, has anyone received anything refunded back yet? Thanks

    I done mine through etax on the 2nd and still nothing, but have heard of people already receiving refunds.

    I did mine on the 4th and haven't gotte. Anything back yet status on the ato site just confirms it was lodged on the 4th

    Thanks guys, bit random that some people have received refunds and some haven't, I wonder what the hold up is....

    I havent received mine yet, but my brother did - he lodged his on the 1stJuly

    Received today :)

    Belinda, Im keen to see when yours will come back, I too did it on the 4th

      Hi all just to let you know lodged mine on the 4th got it back this morning :-$

    What date did you submit yours Dylan?

      Sorry Declan lol


    I submitted mine on the 1st July Ali :)

    I submitted mine online through etax on 2nd july 2012, I called up the ato check up line and it said my return can take up to 30 days to process and I should hear something by 2nd august 2012. Has anyone else got this message? What does it mean?

      maybe u are being done manually and that might cause the delay .. but it is a long delay isnt it.

    I had a centrelink debt last year which ate up return but this year I only owe a little bit to finish the debt off, do yyou think this will cause a delay in my return.. (through etax online 2 July 2012)

    I lodged mine through my Accountant on the 3rd and still nothing... :(

    I did mine on the 2nd and still nothing, the status checker can't even find mine. My girlfriend did hers on the 4th, we work for the same company and she got hers today! Is this an indication that something is wrong or is this common?

    I lodged mine through E-Tax on the 7th July and still nothing.. @ Bob, this is a standard message that everyone receives if it hasn't been processed as is the progress checker on the ato's website.

    I did mine on 3rd through E-tax, still no refund. ATO only confirms the lodgemnt received on the 3rd.

    Ok, I just got mine. Well some of it. Only half of my return came in have anyone heard of this?

    I received my assessment in mail today (no refund expected though). My wife sent hers on 2nd July and hasn't seen anything yet, so go figure.

    However, the website still says "received on 3rd July", so I don't know what the point of the whole checking system is if the data is several days behind.

    You will get your assessment and refund before you'll get a website update.

    Just another waste of taxpayers money on something that doesn't work.

    Hi I lodged mine 1st July received this morning in bank account.

      Mine just came through this morning, lodged on the 3rd July. ATO website has even updated the info that my assessment was issued and sent today.

    i done mine through e-tax on the 02/07 and still nothing back. I also checked online and they said they cannot find my lodgement however when i check my save etax application it advises i cant make amendements as its been lodged. Where the hell is my refund.

    I logged mine on the 13th, says they recieved it on the progress checker and that's all it says, should have my return within the next week I hope.

    I did my tax on line through e tax on the 2nd of July , I checked online but apparently my return can not be found. Like others I've rechecked my lodgement and it tells me I can not do anything as it was lodged successfully . Go figure nice work ATO !

      By any chance is yours back yet . I lodged mine on 30thjune and still nothin

    I've had my assessment for a week and the site still has not updated.

    Wife still waiting for hers lodged 3rd July.

    I would love to know how their system actually works. If it were a private company it would have gone bust years ago - just like centrelink.

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