Lifehacker’s Complete Tax Week 2012 Guide

Lifehacker’s Complete Tax Week 2012 Guide

Tax time will soon be upon us once again, so you’ll want to get organised and maximise your potential refund. Here are all our Lifehacker Tax Week 2012 posts, gathered together in one location for easy reference.

The image above is a bonus tip: be wary of fake tax refund scams, which become increasingly common at this time of year. If you get an email claiming you have a tax refund due and asking for details to be confirmed, ignore it. As you can see, hovering over the link in the above example shows that it is not going to an ATO-related site.

What’s New For Your 2011-2012 Tax Return

Whose Tax Returns Is The ATO Double-Checking This Year?

Ask LH: Can I Salary Sacrifice A Laptop, An iPad And Some Software?

Tax Records: What You Need And How Long You Need To Keep Them

Ask LH: Should I Pay Off My HELP Debt?

Smart And Fun Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

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