Sleeping Like Superman: Mark's Video Diary

Mark's attempts to adopt the Uberman schedule of polyphasic sleep have already pushed him to the brink. Here's a video diary he filmed this morning at 3am. Surprisingly, he was in a better frame of mind than the night before, or when he write this morning's post. Can anyone say mood swings?

It's very weird working in the same office as a sleep-deprived Scot who is playing too many games right now. One minute he looks ready to do a Simon Sheikh on the desk; the next he's surging with energy and happy that he managed to dream for 10 seconds.

I'm trying to slow down the rate at which I speak. By Mark's own admission he's finding it hard to string sentences together sometimes, so I don't want to tax his brain further. It's going to be an interesting month.

Follow Mark's adventures over the next month in the Sleeping Like Superman series on Lifehacker.


    Awesome. Stay strong Mark. But you know...if you start hearing voices telling you to drill a hole in your should definitely definitely listen to them.

    How the hell do you manage to keep yourself entertained 22 hours a day?

    At least its only 1 week till christmas!

    Keep it up buddy, you should wear a
    Superman costume and randomly run down the work hallway screaming "I CAN FLY!!!!!" just for lols

    Kudos to you, that's tough. I start my day at 6am and by about 4pm i've had enough and often find myself wanting to go to bed just to be done with the day... that is dealing with frustration day in day out trying to get a new company off the ground - probably suffering mild depression clinically speaking.

    When, or rather IF, your body gets used to it, what do you intend to do with your 22 hour days?

    Yeah I think your body will get used to it - will be awesome for you :) Not quite the same cuddling your wife then getting back up to get back to something else!

    You can do it mate! Show us that its possible!

    It is possible. Healthy? probably not
    Pointless? highly likely. Unless you are a genius and every moment is precious, why on Earth would you do this? Just to prove you can? Is your time really this valuable - have you achieved any stellar feats or boosted your productivity? My suspicion is that you are about as useful as a walking zombie. So kudos to you for proving that humanity can do stupid things just to say, YES WE CAN

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