Hang Folding Chairs On Your Wall To Provide Temporary Storage

If you're ever in a housing situation where you have very little furniture and need a way to hang clothes and keep items off the floor consider using wall-mounted hooks to hold folding chairs. You can keep the chairs folded against the wall to save space or pull them out to use as a rod for clothes hangers and store items on the seat.

This idea comes from the weblog of German design professor Yi Cong Lu. You'll need to have folding chairs with a hole along the backrest — inexpensive Ikea Terje chairs will work well for this and equivalents can be found at most big-box stores.

Chairs, Up and Down and Upside Down [Yi Cong Lu via Core 77]


    I have seen this IKEA DIY hacks, and one of these is the use of foldable hanging chairs that can double as storage for your clothes. Ingenious! We tested this idea in one of the places we rent out for transient occupants. Instead of buying bulky storage cabinets that occupy a lot of space, we installed these chairs instead. Our transient customers loved it! We even saw their posts in social media. Mind you – these are easier to maintain and clean, too!

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