ExpenseMagic Turns Receipts Into Reports By Photographing Them

ExpenseMagic Turns Receipts Into Reports By Photographing Them

iOS: Got a wallet or drawer full of receipts you need to track? ExpenseMagic is a service that lets you photograph them on your iPhone and then has the data from them typed into a monthly expense report for you.

The service doesn’t use optical character recognition, instead having the data entered by dedicated staff. ExpenseMagic has been customised for Australian customers, so GST and ABN details are automatically added. The data can be automatically pushed to Dropbox or Evernote, or added to your accounting system.

The ExpenseMagic app itself is free, but you pay for processing. A batch of 20 uploads is $5.49, a month of unlimited processing is $12.99, and 90 days is $21.99. If you’re drowning in receipts, that could well be a sensible investment.



    • We plan to release on other platforms in the near future, but in the meantime non-iPhone users can still use ExpenseMagic by submitting receipts through the web app, or by emailing receipt images to their unique email address.

      The ExpenseMagic iPhone app does more than send an image too, such as setting your currency depending on your location; integrating with your calendar, contacts and social networks; displaying graphical reports; allowing user input of various optional fields; in-app purchasing; creating and sending expense reports.

      Watch this space for new versions soon!

  • I have been using Lemon for a month now ($10 a month for unlimited uploads), with very good results.

    The advantage of Lemon is that it can be accessed from an PC or Android. It’s current problem is to produce Reports, which is limited to Business expenses only.

    • Lemon is great for personal expenses, but ExpenseMagic is designed for managing business expenses. ExpenseMagic can be accessed through the website http://www.expensemagic.com where users can upload receipts through the web, and also every user gets a unique email address to submit receipts to.

      Expense reports can either be generated monthly or manually by users. If a user chooses to export monthly, all expenses from the previous month are dynamically generated and exported in CSV and PDF formats. The CSV and PDF are then sent to the user’s email address, along with an optional second email address (e.g. accountant or line manager).

  • Can someone please help me, I think I am missing something here.
    For the amount of time it takes to photograph a receipt, and then submit it to a website, why would I not just type the details into expense tracker software myself?

  • @Dave – also add the time that you spend checking the data is correct (afterall, if you are submitting / recording business expenses, *you* are responsible for its accuracy, not the OCR / App / data entry clerk!). I evaluated shoeboxed for a while – but I still feel I spend just as much time organising / reporting / analysing the data, that the data entry part is actually neglible in the end.
    Maybe one day…

  • Shoeboxed gives you the option to mail in receipts in prepaid envelopes, or use an android/ios device. It has the OCR technology and then it is human verified too! Big partners with evernote and multiple accounting platforms (quickbooks, xero, outright, wave etc.) Multinational currencies/email integration. Great small business tool, worth checking out if you hate dealing with receipts!

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