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From the day I got my first job as a cart pusher at a supermarket, I spent years living from one paycheck to the next. I hovered around the poverty line, hoping that I would last until next month's rent. At the time it felt normal. It wasn't until after I started making more money that I realised the psychological scars that living the poor life left on me.


If you have a wallet (and a briefcase, and a suitcase) brimming with unclaimed travel receipts, then you may need to consider this simple three step hack for keeping on top of your travel expenses.The Corporate Hack blog recommends that you start your trip with a letter sized envelope tucked into one of the bags you keep with you at all times (like your purse or briefcase, *not* the suitcase which will be sitting in your hotel room). Next, ensure that every claimable receipt from your trip goes into this envelope, as soon as you get it. If it's not clear what the receipt is for, make a note on the back of the receipt to save yourself the pain of trying to identify a bunch of mysterious receipts at the end of your trip.Finally, put aside half an hour the day you get back to fill out your expense form. This way the trip is still fresh in your mind, you get the paperwork out of the way, and you'll get your expenses paid ASAP. Hack your expense reports while traveling