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If you use Gmail, you probably know that Google can parse your email receipts for things like package tracking in Google Now. If you want to see a list of your most recent receipts -- or see one in particular -- you can just search "my purchases" on Google.


When shopping, you often get asked if you want the receipt in the bag. Forget that; make sure it ends up in your hand instead. When the cashier sticks it in the bag, you're probably going to forget it's there and toss it out with the bag. Here are a few tips to help you avoid losing receipts -- and your ability to return unwanted items.


OneReceipt is a hub for every receipt in your life, whether it's in your email account, saved as a PDF, or in paper form. It will ll help you track them all easily and with the minimal amount of effort, making it simple to both keep and analyse a comprehensive purchase history.


Even if you do all your banking online, there's still one ugly time of year when you've got to deal with a pile of financial paperwork, and that's tax time. If your accountant accepts forms via email, or you just want to save tax documents on your computer, you want a quick and easy way to do it. While most scanner workflows require several steps to digitise documents, the Fujitsu ScanSnap transforms paper into PDF with a single button press. No one wants to spend more time than they have to on receipts, 1099's and W-2's. Let's take a look at how to instantly capture tax-related and other important paperwork to your hard drive on April 15th and throughout the year with the ScanSnap.


December is upon us, which means it's time to start getting 2007 tax paperwork in order. This year I tried out a very high-tech organisation system for deductible receipts (pictured.) Instead of just dropping an enormous pile of differently-shaped scraps of paper into a single folder, I broke them up into labelled envelopes, which is ok, but there's still room for improvement. What about you? How do you keep records of your charitable contributions, misc income and other work expenses to get all your write-offs? Let us know in the comments. (For more December money tasks, check out our year-end to-do list.)