Don't Underestimate The Kitchen Calendar For Big-Picture Planning

By all means, throw your appointments, reminders and do-this-then tasks into Google Calendar, Outlook or your other grid of choice. But don't banish paper calendars, centrally located in your house, just on paper-based principle. They serve a different kind of purpose.

Photo by gruntzooki (a.k.a. Cory Doctorow).

On the Wall Street Journal's work/life blog, Anusha Shrivastava writes about the value of the paper calendar in her kitchen. Battery and cellular limitations are certainly one reason to have backups for important stuff, but in the comments, readers get to the heart of the difference. Your screens aren't as good at giving you a glance at how everything fits together for the upcoming month, and in family homes, the paper calendar requires much less protocol/feed/settings navigation, to say the least.

What does the paper calendar in your own home do for you and yours?

Keeping Track of Daily Life, the Old Fashioned Way [The Juggle/WSJ]


    Major dates and not much else - but it is essential for that view ahead because I don't check my digital calendar - I just wait for the notifications to pop up to remind me something is on.

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