Moleskine Smart Planner To Bridge The Gap Between Paper And Online Calendars

Moleskine Smart Planner To Bridge The Gap Between Paper And Online Calendars
Image: Moleskine

I know a lot of people who only use an electronic diary begrudgingly. They prefer the feel of pen and paper but the need to share diaries in the office or at home (my partner and I keep shared calendars for our social event and all the kids’ activities) has forced them to an electronic solution. Moleskine, famous for their very expensive notebooks, teamed up earlier this year with Livescribe to deliver their Smart Writing Set, that combined a Livescribe Pen with a Paper Tablet and app. Later this month, they’ll be adding a Smart Planner to the range.

The Smart Planner will use paper embedded with sensors that can read and sync content to your calendar. According reports, it will sync with Google and Apple calendars.

I’ve pretty much stopped using a pen and paper. I still have a notebook and pen in my satchel but it’s rarely used. The notebook I have with me has been in action for a couple of years and I still have about half the pages remaining. It tends to be handy for when I’ve got the car parked and take down notes and numbers from voicemail messages or I have it next to me to jot down the odd note while I’m using my computer or tablet for some other task and I don’t want to switch apps.

If you’ve already got a Smart Writing Set, the planner will set you back US$29. If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to shell out US$199. My experience of the local retail prices for Moleskine products is that local retailers add quite a bit of margin to straight currency exchange pricing.

Would you use this? Or is it really one of the last vestiges of the old world clinging to relevance in the digital age?


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