DIY Backpacking Chair Uses Found Wood To Keep Weight Down

Backpackers spend most of the day on their feet and most do not carry the extra weight of a folding camp chair. YouTube user Econo Challenge came up with a portable lightweight design for a backpacking camp chair that uses dead wood found at your campsite.

The chair design involves using a lightweight piece of nylon with a hoop sewn at one end and a drawstring at the other. This weighs little and is easily packable. When you reach your campsite you will need to find three wooden poles that will support your weight and are a bit taller than you. Tie a cord around the one end of the poles and set them up in an a triangular frame.

Next find another pole maybe a metre long and feed that through the hoop on your nylon chair seat and tie the drawstring around the top. If you don't want to make a nylon seat you can use a burlap coffee sack or buy a premade seat directly from the YouTube user at his camping site

Amazing Wilderness Camp Chair (Bushcraft Chair) [YouTube]


    Not sure i've ever seen perfectly straight branches like those seen in the video.

      I have. They're usually in close proximity to a machete and a sapling stump.

    Australia's own bush tucker man showed this on ABC back in the 80/90's

    Looks good, but I'm lazy enough that I'd just sit on the floor! Nor would I usually go bushwalking with a spare sack.


    take a hammock, then you can sleep in it too (make sure that you have insulation sorted though- or you'll get a cold bum)

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