Build A Basic Chair With Two Planks

If you need inexpensive seating for parties or outdoor events that can be stored away when not in use consider making a very basic chair using two planks.

Instructables user jesse.hensel notes that only three cuts need to be made; the slot cut into the first plank and two cuts on the sides of the second plank so it will fit into the slot on the first. This definitely isn't the most comfortable seat we've ever featured but is simple to make, can be done for free if you can find scrap planks, and the design of the chair actually makes it more sturdy when someone is sitting in it. You'll probably also want to sand it down to avoid splinters and consider painting or staining the wood.

Plank Chair [Instructables via Dornob]


    There would need to a "No fat bastards" sign on it somewhere!

    Remember to budget for the lawsuit when it collapses under someone.

    Three cuts? I count ten, and four of those are fiddly ones for the slot.

    it's a bit tricky to cu those letterbox holes. Need a jigsaw and a drill.

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