Repurpose A Bath Mat As A Chair Cushion

Reupholstering a simple chair isn't usually difficult, but sometimes it's nice to to find a tip to make the process even easier. Home design blog Design Hazards does just that by skipping the step of picking out a material and using a standard bath mat.

Bath mats are nice for two reasons, first off, they're thicker than fabric, so if your chair is lacking in the cushion department, it'll add a little more comfort based on its size alone. Second, you already have it in your house, and if you're getting ready to get rid of an old mat, there aren't too many other uses for it. The process only requires a staple gun and some scissors, but you can find all the details on how to do at Design Hazards.

Recovering a Piano Stool with a Bath Mat [Design Hazards via Apartment Therapy]


    Wong for at least 7 reasons... I bet if you told anyone it was covered with an old bathmat they'd refuse to sit on it... Also, how the hell is skipping the step of picking out a material a good thing? Why not just put an old shopping bag over it, and tie a knot in the end? That way you've skipped everything, and it probably looks just as good (crap)

      Firstly, learn to spell moron.

      Secondly, don't post such crap if you got nothing good or constructive to say.

      If you don't like the quality of their journalism, kindly leave.

      We won't miss you.

        Oh... And learn to count.

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