Make Your Own Seatless Strap Chair

Most of us have since lost our ability to sit cross-legged for hours on end in the years between elementary school and now, which means sitting on the ground is extremely painful. But what if you have no other option? Here's a weird DIY strap chair that will help a little.

Instructables user higginbo uses a long strip of tubular nylon webbing, but recommends nylon or any other long, flat materials — even a seat belt — that's light enough to be throw into a bag. When done, you'll have a strip that hooks around your legs and back and provides a bit more support.

Of course, you'll look like a doofus with a belt wrapped around him, but old people like us can't complain.

Seatless strap chair [Instructibles]


    helpful, but next time please include instructions

      or you could read the article. there is a source link at the base... you know little green brown letters that say "Seatless strap chair" leading to, who would have guessed it, instructions *gasp*
      or be lazy


    Dude, I'd rather take yoga classes. And I hate yoga.

    Another article that seems to confirm that you look for quantity rather than quality in your content. This is a terrific website enjoyed by many but I would be surprised if this article appealed to more than 0.03% of your readers. Sadly, this comment could be placed in more and more of your items.

      Waaaaa! Move along...

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