Charge Your USB Gadgets Through The TV In Your Hotel Room When Travelling

When you're packing for a trip it's easy to forget a few things, even if you've got a great, geeky travel checklist. If you forget your charger, the television in your hotel room can fill in as a substitute.

Although not the first time we've mentioned that TVs can charge USB gadgets (and do plenty of other things with their open ports), Redditor Mcahneriii notes that it's an important hack to remember when you're travelling.

I often travel with a single charger and multiple devices to avoid packing too many things, but I've neglected to use the TV as a spare power source despite knowing this tip. While not every hotel television will have this option, it's a good thing to remember in case you're in a bind or would find it convenient to have that extra charger without packing it.

If you're at a hotel and run out of chargers, the tv usually has a usb plugin [Reddit]


    On my 3 year old Hisense TV there is a servicing USB port that I found completely useless until I realized it could be utilized for this exact reason.

    You just need to remember the lead in your chargers sted.

    May I suggest this be something people just leave in the car or let it live in a bag so they have it for these kind of emergencies.

    When my wife was in hospital for a few days giving birth to our child I hooked up a mini-pc to the hdmi port on the in-room television, used her iPhone as a USB modem, handed her the wireless mouse and keyboard, and off she went. She was able to communicate with friends and family on facebook and download her favourite tv shows and movies.

    The hdmi port on the tv was hidden behind a control box glued to the tv, I was able to pop that off and attach it to a more convienent location. But even with that there wasn't enough room to connect an hdmi cable the way the tv was configured, but an angled hdmi adapter solved that.

    The next issue was getting the television set to the correct input.. I looked up the tv model and programmed it in to my Logitech harmony remote. All set, everything worked beautifully.

    And when we left I put everything back the way it was :-)

    Sadly, in all the hotels I've stayed at recently, there is neither a single USB port in the TV's, nor any kind of audio input (to allow music playback through the tv speakers) - and these are modern hotels in the heart of the CBD... :(

    Or you could just ask at reception if there's a charger that you could borrow... They're an item that is often left behind by guests.

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