Use The USB Port On Your HDTV Or Wii To Charge Your Phone

Reader balders2 shares a clever tip to take advantage of the USB ports available on most HDTVs or video game consoles: Use them to charge your gadgets in a pinch.

Recently the PSU on my computer died. Because I use my computer to charge my phone, I thought that I was stuck with a dead computer AND phone for the night.

I went in search of loose USB ports around the house. First I tried the one on my Toshiba LCD TV, which actually worked. I didn't want to leave my TV on all night [Ed note: to clarify, most TVs need to be turned on to charge via USB; bad for charging overnight, not so bad for charging while you're vegging out in front of the TV), so I tried the port on the back of my Wii. To my surprise that worked, too.

I'm not suggesting this as a permanent fix, but if you're in a jam it works rather nicely.


    I use the USB port on my car radio for this too.

    Just last night my friend wanted to charge his new HTC Desire and so he fired up my XBOX 360. I thought this was a huge waste of power since we were already watching the State of Origin, so I told him to plug it in to either the LED TV or the DVD/Surround sound amp. Also he could have plugged it in to the iiNet BoB router.

    Since I don't have the TV in my room, I use the PictBridge port in my printer. Although the light does go red on the printer, it still charges though...

    Yeah, I do this too. Wii and the printers...

    I use my cable box to charge my mp3 player. It usually takes at least a few hours when charging from my computer, but using the box it takes little more than an hour!

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