Satechi Smart Travel Router Fits Any Plug And Charges Your USB Gadgets

Satechi Smart Travel Router Fits Any Plug and Charges Your USB Gadgets

Travel a lot and use a router on the road? This nifty gadget from Satechi includes international power plugs and an integrated USB charger as well.

This travel router plugs into virtually any outlet in Australia, the UK, Europe, North America or Asia. In addition to offering up 802.11n Wi-Fi, you also can charge a USB gadget at up to 2.1A. That's more than enough for even an iPad, and you can fit the whole thing in your pocket. If you jump from country to country, need these features, and want to pack a lighter suitcase, you should give this router a look.

Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port [Amazon]


    Jesus, that's some steep price.

      $44.99 for a travel router seems to be a reasonable price compared with other comparable products

      Considering it's both a router and an international plug to usb adaptor, I would say that it's definitely cheaper than if you bought those two things separately. I would definitely buy this if I needed it right now.

    for a travel router and adaptor? thats actually a great price. one less thing to carry too!

    Just bought 10 :-) Thanks for the heads up LH!!

    Wow. Looks like the EXACT SAME THING I bought from DealExtreme about 3 years ago to take overseas. Oh wait, this one is white and green instead of black. That defintiely makes it worth $45 instead of $6.50.

    Summary: this is nothing new, much less anything particularly interesting.

      Perhaps you could post a link then so others can compare?

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