Rapid Review: Choetech Foldable Solar Charger

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If you spend any time away from easily accessible electricity, like hiking or camping, then you know the frustration of not being able to readily charge your electronic devices. As well have being inconvenient, it can be a safety issue if you need to be able to broadcast your location or call for help. The Choetech Foldable Solar Charger could be the solution.

What Is It?

The Choetech Foldable Solar Charger is a portable solution that packs an array of solar panels along with a pair of USB ports for charging your gadgets while you're on the go. It packs neatly and is super easy to use.


Dimensions 265 by 150 by 45mm, 265 by 550 by 45mm when opened
Weight 500g
Power output 19w from two USB-A ports. Note - there is no battery in this charger.

What's Good?

The foldable charger comes with a USB-A to micro-USB cable and a pair of lightweight carabiners so it can easily hung outside a tent, from a tree or wherever you can find a spot in the sun. There are two small loops on the outside to make this easy.

A small, zip-up pocket on the back makes it easy to stash cables, the carabiners and any tore bits and pieces you need to keep your gadgets power up. If you have a crate or box of camping gear you keep sticked up for when you head away, you can stash all your charging gear in one place for maximum convenience.

I tested the Foldable Solar Charger with a couple of different devices. It was able to charge them easily although it was slower than mains power. But that's not surprising as it's winter here and more than a few clouds blocked the suns rays meaning the panels weren't always running at their best.

Both USB ports were usable at the same time. Cheotech says the charger has a 3.4A output on each port and can autodetect the right input for you device to avoid feeding it too much juice.

While lacking an internal battery could be seen as a problem, I think it's a good thing as you can stash the Foldable Solar Charger in your luggage if you're travelling and not have to worry about a battery.

What's Bad?

Nothing - this device worked as promised.

Should You Buy It

At $79.99 I think the Choetech Foldable Solar Charger is a solid deal. It's well made, works as promised and will be very handy for those travelling or in the outdoors. It's lightweight and and won't add too much weight or bulk to a backpack or luggage.

I'll definitely be stashing this in my camping kit.

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