Use Drag And Drop To Populate Google Drive

Google Drive is a handy way to keep documents synced across multiple machines, but it's not much help if you're in an office environment where you can't install the software. Lifehacker reader Joshua points out that if you're in that situation, using drag and drop can be a much easier way to upload documents to Google Drive you want to get at elsewhere.

As Joshua explains:

I use Google Drive at work and so cannot install the application to my machine here as I can on my laptop. For a while I was downloading docs and then going to the website and using the standard Upload procedure. But a few days ago I found that, if you use Chrome, you can drag the downloaded document from the downloads bar right into the Google Drive page and it will upload from there. It's definitely made things easier for me and I'll keep using this function until I find a portable Google Drive application for Windows.

We mentioned this feature a while back, but it's worth a reminder now that Google Drive is more commonly used. Thanks Joshua!


    I'd be interested to know how many work places allow the installation of Chrome (but not any other google apps).

      Our work does not allow non-sanctioned apps either.. So I use Chrome without installing anything...

      I mostly run it from a folder on the desktop, but could just as easily use it from a USB stick meaning my work PC would be totally clean and virginous as soon as the USB is removed.

      And the beauty of Chrome is once you sign into Chrome running from the portable version... all the "stuff" automagically syncs across so my home, work, and laptop browsers are "the same" browser, always updated, always synced... including extensions, add-ons, settings, bookmarks, the works.

      But I was not aware of this "feature" for using the Drive product... NICE !!!

      Google Is Skynet....

      I use the dev version.

      21.0.1163.0 dev-m can drag files from Explorer to SkyDrive (in the browser). I happen to use Chrome as my primary browser but I'm sure it works in IE9 too. Not quite the same as being able to drag straight from your "downloads" popup, but then again you can just upload any file on your machine - or multiple files simultaneously if you like


    I'm already doing this and it works great. Does anyone know if there is a way to get an attachment directly from an email to Drive (without downloading it or converting it to Docs format)?

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