SwiftKey Flow Beta Improves 'Flow Through Space'

Android: If have been trying out SwiftKey Flow beta, a new update has just been released. It fixes a long-standing bug, improves word predictions, makes it easier to correct errors, and adds some polish to an already great keyboard.

The big change in the latest version of SwiftKey Flow is that the "flow through space" feature works in all text fields — not just a select few. Flow through space lets you treat the space bar like any other key instead of typing a word, then tapping space and starting a new word.

The update also improves on word prediction, so you shouldn't have to type a whole sentence and then delete half of it to fix errors. Similarly, the new beta improves SwiftKey's error correction — just tap on a word and you will get three more options to choose from.

Some other improvements in the beta are less significant: new languages, new layouts and bug fixes. If you want to give SwiftKey Flow a go, you can sign up at the link below.

SwiftKey Flow Beta Update [SwiftKey Blog via Android Police]


    SwiftKey Flow has impressed me with how far it's come. With this latest update sealing the deal for me -- replacing Swype as my favorite keyboard.

    Although, I do wish it had Swype's wonderful gestures but even without them, the ability to see and watch the words change/predict as you swipe (as opposed to seeing them only when you've finishing swiping) is nothing short of brilliant.

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