Sony Offering Google TV In Australia

Sony Offering Google TV In Australia

Google likes to take its time releasing products in Australia. I saw the original launch of Google TV back in May 2010, but it’s only now that we’re seeing a device that can run the Web-on-your-TV platform in Australia.

As Luke reports over at Gizmodo, Sony is planning to release a Google TV Internet Player and remote combo with its HX-750 and HX-850 TVs from June 28. There aren’t yet any plans to release it as a standalone item for converting other TVs, but if that did happen, Sony has suggested the combo would be valued at around $350. Sony is describing the deal as a “limited-time offer”.

That price makes it much more expensive than (say) Kogan’s $99 HDMI plug-in, but Google TV is rather more geared to usage on a large, distant screen. While some of the initial promise of the platform has been restricted because networks aren’t always super-keen to co-operate, having a system designed for “10-foot” access does make sense.

That said, if I was buying a new TV, I think I’d prefer Google TV built right-in rather than as a separate device. What do you think?

Google TV Finally Comes To Australia [Gizmodo]


  • I agree. It makes alot sense getting a kogan one that you could take to any tv in your house rather then one big expensive tv that will be out of date in no time.

  • I’d rather separate devices than built-in to the TV. I have no interest in a smart TV. Use a separate device that you plug into the TV. Often better with more features, and if it breaks down, you can still use everything else plugged into your TV, rather than have your TV gone for 1-2 weeks for repair.

  • Anybody here seen the Dlink Boxee? It leaves Google TV for dead, except you don’t get access to Sony movies and goodness unless you know someone with t0rrent skills. A separate media unit is the best way to go, so long as it is wireless with access to the whole internet; not some caged version like Samsung or Apple.

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