Kogan Android Ice Cream Sandwich Dongle Adds Internet Access To Your TV (Updated)

OK, this will be interesting if it works: Kogan is selling a $99 HDMI Android Ice Cream Sandwich dongle that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV to add Internet access. If you have a relatively modern TV but don't have online capabilities, that could be very handy — when it eventually gets delivered.

The device has 4GB of internal storage and outputs at 1920 by 1080. As well as the dongle, you get a separate remote to access the interface. (There will be an optional $39 keyboard and trackpad for more complex interaction — typing with a remote is never fun). Internet access is via Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), and there's a micro-SD slot if you want to view downloaded content, plus a USB slot to plug in a drive (potentially handy if your TV doesn't have one).

A familiar Kogan restriction applies: it's on sale now, but it won't ship until August 7. Only yesterday, Kogan delayed shipment and changed specifications on its Android 4.0 tablet, so consider that fair warning.

Update: Having initially said August 7, the site is now listing a July 31 despatch date. Meanwhile, the shipping date for the keyboard is said to be July 16. We'll update again if a definitive release date is announced.



    How very interesting, and not too expensive either.
    Will await a review :)

      Almost went straight to the site to order until I read your reply...damn you logic! Will probably wait for a review as well.

    Hmm this could be quite awesome, especially if you can run Plex and Spotify on it (which I assume you can as they both work on ICS). Still waiting for the AppleTV3 to be broken so can actually use it for something useful - huge mistake purchase...

    Wonder if usb ethernet will work...

    So this is a mini-Android 4.0 device that provides direct output to HDMI monitor/TV? Very interesting, will need a review

    I'm interested to know how tweakable it will be. It may run ICS in the background, but you may be locked into a single app that loads on boot and can't be exited. It's still a very fascinating class of device, being dongle-style rather than set-top-box-style.

      Be alright even if it's just a uPnP player, say.

      You can always use a uPNP app on your phone to send from your server to the device. Not bad for $99.

    Very similar to this product at Kickstarter


    Most likely it's this guy rebranded - http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/563764893-Freeshipping-Rikomagic-MK802-Mini-PC-Mini-Android4-0-dongle-android-IPTV-google-tv-smart-android-box-wholesalers.html
    which is a faster to market version of the Cotton Candy stick -http://www.techspot.com/news/47618-fxis-199-cotton-candy-is-the-worlds-smallest-computer.html

    Well, the screenshot on the site shows Google Play and Spotify.
    Although it also shows a Camera app which makes you wonder if the images are legit...
    ...and Google Play could just be for movie rentals.

    looks identical to the mk802

    What Internet account does it use? Does it link to a wireless network?

    An interesting little product. I just wish someone would make a product like the AppleTV 3 that's an open platform able to run any sort of OS people want to put on it, such as XBMC via Openelec. I have an ATV2 and whilst it's great the constant cat-and-mouse game of jail breaking and software version compatibility is annoying.

    i assume itll be like a logitech revue, basically an android phone...without the screen...and the phone.

    could you plug this into the the new windows surface tablet and effectively dual boot? because i love my Gnex but hate my Gtab 10.1

    I just saw something similar on http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/484889112/the-pocket-tv-makes-any-tv-a-smart-tv?ref=live

    Hi all just ordered myself this little device and keyboard... Will submit a review when I get my hands on it.

    I have one, tv interface is kinda shit. The remote you get with it is weak & useless for anything except moving left/right/up/down play/pause/power.

    I need to get a "remote control" application for my jellybean galaxy nexus s

    Hi all. 
    Device is ordinary and bulky.  User interface is boring and takes as  long to connect and load up as a laptop ( to tv connection) Comes with an external power source with standard usb legnth cable, the standard remote is utterly useless. The kogan wireless keyboard is a must. Better device than the dongle!
    Better of connecting your laptop/netbook to tv and using the mini keyboard. And not bothering with the dongle. 

    Just got mine back after sending it back because it wouldn't hold an ip address on my wireless network(or that of a mate's I gave it to) . It does now but its sloooww. I was surprisedcame back without a report or commentary from Kogan. Customer service was excellent but the item is disappointing. One of the main problems is that it won't switch its display mode to 1080p (powers down) so your stuck with 720p which takes up too much screen estate. The loading time on my very good wireless network is so slow as to be unuseable. You should note it wouldn't connect to my wireless extender when every other device I have does without issues. The optional Kogan keyboard is excellent and is a must for this dongle. Maybe there are deeper level settings to manipulate but I couldn't recommend it at this stage. I run a number of wireless devices and they all work seamlessy and do so automatically. Let me reiterate that the technical support is helpful and prompt though. Michael

    It will play YouTube videos, albeit slow...very slow. that's about all.

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