Regular Exercisers Earn 9% Higher Pay Than Those Who Don't

Finding the time — or the motivation — to go to the gym every day can be tough, so consider this one more reason to hit the treadmill: A new study, published in the June edition of the Journal of labour Research, points out that workers who exercise regularly earn nine per cent higher salaries than their colleagues that don't.

Now, correlation doesn't equal causation, but that's just what the study aims to get to the bottom of. The full study is available online, and researchers used a technique called propensity score matching to determine whether the employees who earned more were people who always led healthy lives and were good at their jobs anyway, or people who specifically made a point to exercise more on a regular basis. They in turn discovered that even people who had no history of healthy behaviour did better at work and were in turn rewarded by their employers for it when they started working out regularly.

This isn't the first study to draw a line between exercise and higher performance at work (and, subsequently, better compensation at the office), but it's one of the first to really say that working out can help you bring home a bigger paycheck. Of course, the model used here is statistical, so individual results definitely vary — but one thing is certain: working out regularly can improve your mood, your self-esteem, and your health, so it's no surprise it'll help you at the office too. What do you think? Make sense, or are you withholding judgement pending future research? Let us know in the comments.

Want A 9% Raise? Hit the Gym [Smart Money]


    Wouldn't that just mean that people who earn more are more likely to feel financially confident enough to pay for an expensive gym membership?

      Good exercise doesn't have to involve a gym membership. I haven't been to a gym in five or so years and I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. I just use a nearby kid's playground (there's actually three playground's with good equipment near me) that allows me to do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, incline and decline push-ups, and heaps more. I feel as though I get a pretty darn good workout, and the addition some some simple home equipment to my routine (eg. dumbbells, a barbell, kettle bell, etc) could make it even better if I so desired.

      For cardio I'm lucky to have a pool that I can use in summer (I rather enjoy swimming), and in winter I just don't really do any – the cold air makes cardio particularly uncomfortable for my respiratory system.

      So far, I haven't spent a cent on exercising, apart from travel expenses (which I'd incur going to the gym anyway). Not only that, but I think I'd attend the gym far less than I attend the outdoor park/playground because the gym environment just doesn't suit me.

    You don't need an expensive gym membership to exercise... I imagine this is your justification for not doing so.

    Also people who don't exercise are more likely to be lazy in their work, not only their personal lives.

    I love these glib generalisations. I exercise every day, but, as a government employee, can only earn the same as everyone else at my level. So, add the word 'Some' to the beginning of your headline and you might be somewhere near the mark.

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